about us

this is our business

We specialise in maintenance and repair of high-speed motorboats and outboard engines. We also customise new and used boats. This gives you, the customer, endless possibilities to customise the refit of your boat. We also build custom high-performance ribs. We do this under the name Revolt Custom Boats.

We provide service both indoors and outdoors. However, this is mainly done at our location in Strijen. We are happy to receive visitors. We hope you will come and take a look and perhaps be inspired by other boats and/or customers.

A close relationship with our partners and suppliers gives us a stable position in the market and keeps us constantly up-to-date with the latest developments.

// our workshop

In our workshop, we use high-quality tools and unique tools to ensure the best possible maintenance of your boat or engine. By using the tools recommended by manufacturers, we can offer you the quality you expect from us as specialists. Thanks to our extensive in-house knowledge in the field of boat and outboard engine maintenance, you can find an appropriate solution to almost all your problems with us. In addition, we always treat your property with great care and apply protective materials during the work to prevent scratches or other damage.

The employees in our workshop all have one big thing in common, the ultimateĀ passionĀ for (fast) boats! For years, this has translated into the work we deliver for our valued customers.

// Our partners

We work with the best companies and brands to ensure top quality.

// references

Thanks to the specialist knowledge that Biesheuvel Watersport has in house, every year I can be confident that my boat will be in full working order for the new season.
Dave de Kruiff
There is always thoughtfulness and pleasant communication with us!
Hubertus Jansen
Because John and team are experts in large outboard engines, I trust them with my boat with confidence.
Cees Stip
What I love about Biesheuvel Watersport is the passion of the staff and that they really take the time for me.
Don Perridon