Boat damage or repair

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// Repairing your boat damage

Have you suffered boat damage? Damage to your boat is never fun. Every scratch or dent hurts. In our workshop, we can carry out all imaginable repairs to your boat. In the type of boat we do not make. So you can come to us for your sloop, but also for your high-performance boat. Whether it is engine overdue maintenance, painting, antifouling or damage repair; you can count on us. From the smallest scratch to a large hole in your boat's hull, we can repair any damage. Through years of experience, we have built up considerable expertise in repairing boat damage. So we can repair any conceivable boat damage invisibly. Our mechanics are constantly up to date with the latest developments from our suppliers and have the right materials at their disposal. Thus, our experts expertly repair boat damage and give your boat its original strength and beauty.

// Gelcoat damage

Damage in the boat's gelcoat is a constant envy for many a skipper. However, you have also come to the right place for gelcoat damage. No matter what colour your boat is, we can fix any gelcoat damage invisibly. Because we scan the exact colour of your boat, there will be no colour differences in the repair. Over the years, your boat may discolour considerably, which is why it is important to determine the exact colour of your hull or deck using a special scanning device. We finish the gelcoat in exactly the same colour, so in the end, nothing more can be seen of the damage spot.

// Polyester damage

Is the polyester on the deck damaged? Are there 'pits' in the polyester, has the polyester on the deck become cracked or is there more extensive damage? Our experts can also repair polyester damage professionally and completely invisibly. In the case of major damage, the original strength of your boat will also be restored. Also when finishing polyester damage, the exact colour of the damage spot is scanned to avoid colour differences.

// Damage to underwater hull and keel

If you have come into contact with an object underwater or you have run aground, for example, there can be major damage to your boat's underwater hull. We can also repair damage to the underwater hull, such as keel-hull connection, for you. We are happy to advise you on how to repair the damage, so that we can come up with the best solution together. Whether it is a small scratch on your hull or a large hole in the polyester, we will repair your underwater hull damage invisibly.

// Want more information?

Is your specific boat damage not mentioned but you would like us to fix it? That is certainly possible. Please contact us for questions about options and planning for the damage repair of your boat.