Outboard tuning

Having your engine tuned up or chiptuned

// Outboard engine tuning or chiptuning

The engine is the most important part of your boat. Engine tuning, also known as engine tuning, is the technique of boosting a boat's engine that will improve its performance. Many people confuse tuning a boat engine with chiptuning, but there is a big difference between the two. By chiptuning, we mean the optimal tuning of the boat engine, which ensures the preservation of the engine. Tuning a boat engine mainly increases its power-carrying capacity. We can provide you with both services.

// Boat engine tuning

Many (amateur) tuners approach marine engine tuning in the same way as tuning cars and other road vehicles - this is a mistake. Tuning a boat engine is quite different; the software, power and torque curves used in boat and marine engines are completely different. Without a parameter test as proof, it is very difficult to say exactly what your self-tuned boost will produce. So don't just leave the tuning of your boat engine to chance, with us you have always come to the right place.

// Tuning an outboard engine

Like motorbike engines, outboard engines have high revs, with huge power curves. As with all tuning operations, parameters such as the manufacturer's model, production year and, most importantly, the type of engine will need to be taken into account. It is vital that the power output of your boat engine is understood and that the changes made to the ECU software of the outboard engine are consistent with the original tuning and the manufacturer's tolerances. Tuning your outboard engine will provide better throttle response, more power, higher rev limit, lower torque and higher pulling power. When we tune a boat's engine, the first concern is improving energy efficiency in general. It is a matter of achieving more distance for the same amount of fuel oil. This avoids unpleasant surprises and prevents you from running out of fuel in bad weather.

// Professional tuning of a Yamaha outboard engine

You can also have us professionally tune your Yamaha outboard engine later. Over the years, we have specialised in (re)programming Yahama outboard engines. In doing so, we use the software of Nizpro Marine, an Australian company whose goal is to develop the most powerful outboard engine in the world. The result is higher power from your outboard engine and lower fuel consumption.

// Want more information?

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