Boat maintenance

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// Boat maintenance

Every boat requires maintenance, whether it is old or brand new. When we talk about maintenance, we are not just talking about the annual lick of antifouling. The engine, the winches on deck, the rigging and the hull also need annual maintenance. We can do all the usual maintenance for you. But even if you have a boat that has missed all the necessary maintenance, we can make it a beautiful ship again. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we can carry out the maintenance of your boat as efficiently as possible for you. After all, whether it is a boat made of wood, polyester or steel, we can serve you. Maintaining your boat can be done either in our winter storage or on location. Will your boat be in winter storage with us? Then it is wise to indicate the maintenance work in good time. That way, we can ensure that the maintenance of your boat is finished in time so that you can sail as soon as you wish.

// Antifouling

If your boat remains in the water for a long time, the underwater hull of your boat should be protected by means of an antifouling. For most new boats, which are not antifouled as standard, we recommend having them treated within one year. Winter storage is the perfect time for this. Applying antifouling consists of several layers and products. We treat your boat carefully and use only the best materials. Antifouling involves maintenance that extends the life of your boat and prevents problems on the underwater hull.

// Engine maintenance

For the safety and longevity of your boat's engine, annual maintenance is very important. At the end of the boating season, it is especially important that the engines are put away correctly from a fuel point of view, to avoid problems in spring when setting sail. Other important parts we will check during maintenance are: anodes, lubrication points, spark plugs, oil, impeller, propeller and filters, etc.

// Want more information?

Autumn is ideally suited for boat maintenance. During spring, there are long waiting times to get repairs and maintenance done. So make sure you get maintenance in time. For more information about the possibilities and possible prices, please feel free to contact us.